On Tour Logistics aims to tailor to the needs that you have…  so this list isn’t exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the current services on offer:

Tour managing, driving and selling merch.

Writing itineraries  – compiling your tour in line with your needs – whether you’re an iPhone user and love using MasterTour or prefer good old fashioned paper.

Organising the hiring of vans / cars / backline.

Booking of flights, trains/ bus journeys and ferries.

Liaising with promoters and venues to advance each show and working side by side with the publicist of each tour to combine PR engagements and arrangements.

Organizing SIM cards, mobile broadband, and all other things required for keeping connected.

Arranging accommodation/ finding best deals for hotels.

And more!



Because On Tour Logistics works individually with each musician and band, the cost for what is provided can vary.

At the heart of On Tour Logistics is the desire to value people and serve them as best as possible. So whatever it is you need, just get in touch and we can work to find out the best options for you.